Privacy Policy


Privacy Policy

Compliance Laws and Regulations

Kyowa Shipping Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as "the Company") dealing with personal information (for those that can identify specific individuals, the same shall apply hereinafter), laws related to protection of any personal information and obligations stipulated in the guidelines of the competent authority as well as this policy.

Use of Content

We identify the use of purpose to the extend, treat personal information only within the limited scope of explicit or published purpose of use, except when agreed upon by a person in advance or when accepted as an exception under laws and ordinances.

Explicit and Announcement of Purpose

We will strive to obtain personal information beforehand by clearly indicating any necessary purpose such as purpose of use, scope of co-users, inquiries and such. In addition, we may record and keep the contents of dealings and inquiries. We only handle the information properly and promptly in order to respond to your request.

Safety Management Measures

We will endeavor to keep personal information accurate and up to date within the purpose of use, take appropriate information in security measures against unauthorized access, computer virus and such.

Supervision of Employees and Contractors

We well conduct all necessary and appropriate supervision of our employees to ensure the safety management of personal information. In the case of entrusting handling of personal information to a third party, we will conduct and secure necessary supervision of third party who have been entrusted.

Offer to Third Party

We will not provide personal information to any third party other than the joint user who specified at the time of acquisition without obtaining the consent of the person except when it is recognized as an exception under the law.

Disclosure of Personal Information

When a person himself/herself wish or request to disclose, changes will be made upon request and updated nor erase and services may discontinue. After we confirmed the right user (person), we promptly will accordance with the provisions of laws and ordinances correspond.

Responding to Complaints

We will respond to complaints promptly in appropriately manner from each individual person itself concerned about handling personal information and improve the system.

Continuous Improvement of Regime

In order to properly handle the personal information in hand, we will continue to endeavor by reviewing this policy, improvement of the system and internal regulations, employee training and appropriate internal audits and such.

Revision of Privacy Policy

We may revise all or part of our private policy. In case of any important changes, we will notify and update you on website.


In the following cases, we are not responsible for obtaining personal information by third party.
(1) When personal information provider himself/herself reveals personal information to a third party by using the function of this service website or by other method.

Inquiries of Personal Information Protection Policy

For inquiries, please contact us from "Inquiries".

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