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Featured with the crystal clear water of cobalt-blue sea and an incredible azure of the deep blue sky, the South Pacific Ocean is thought to have had the Mu continent in its vast expanse. 14 countries having their own cultures and traditions exist in the region which is called “the closest lands to the heaven” or “the last paradise”.

In such a “heavenly” region, you will, however, find a number of traces of the 2nd World War which still remind us the unfortunate era of the modern history. We should not get it out of our head that many people have fallen into eternal rest there bearing unfulfilled wish of coming back to their be-loved home land.

On the other hand, people in the south Pacific, who have also suffered from the worldwide disaster, have been warmly accepting us continuously. Kyowa Shipping Co., Ltd. has been serving to those who living in this region by supplying daily necessities with its multi-purpose vessels to maintain the life-lines in the region. The next target we should challenge is to assist those countries to strengthen their national economy by developing and encouraging export sector.

The company, celebrating 43rd anniversary, has incorporated trading function last year to improve its managerial portfolio which will make Kyowa to perform the social responsibilities better. In addition to the shipping service, which have been the main stream of the company, the trading sector will give us synergetic effect in expanding the relation to the world. We wish our new components will enable us to contribute the society more widely.

February 2017
Hiromitsu Takamatsu

Kyowa Shipping Co., Ltd.

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